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The Modern Garage Door

03/15/2014 Back To Blog

The Modern Garage DoorThe typical garage dooor f today is far more sophisticated and advanced than its predecessors of the past. The old dinosaurs have now evolved into proficient products of technological advancement. When you are actually in the market to purchase a new one, expect to be confronted with as many options and features as if purchasing a new automobile.




When shopping for a new garage door, expect to be faced with a product that is stronger, more secure, and better insulate. The modern day garage door also requires less maintenance. The choice of material, colors, and window settings are quite endless.




The majority of garage doors on the market today are tank durable. They are manufactured with rigid-foam insulation. The panels are produced with 24-28 gauge steel thickness and completed with a smooth finish of wood-grain or other material. On top of that, most are produced with a rust deterrent topcoat and primer.




It is typical for doors to a 10-15 year warranty. Some even have lifetime warranties. This extensive protection usually covers splitting, cracking, or deterioration due to rust for the lifetime of the door. Delamination of the polyurethane foam and the facial molding from the steel skins of the panel are typically covered for 5 years. All other component of the garage door normally has a 1 year warranty. Usually, only the original purchaser of the product qualifies for these warranties, meaning if the home is sold, the new homeowner will not be able to use it. For complete warranty disclosure, contact your local garage door company in Camas.




Years ago, wood was the common choice of material when selecting a garage door for your home. Now it has taken the backseat to more fancier, durable, and less maintenance material. Wooden doorslook good but they often require added maintenance and painting on a regular basis. Plastic door are fairly new on the scene but may soon become a household product. They are lightweight, durable, and usually require little upkeep. They do not rot or corrode and their noise output is almost zero.

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