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Gate Repair

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If you have a disabled automatic gate and can't figure out what's wrong with it, it's important not to rush into writing it off. You might think the easiest option is to replace the entire opener, but a lot of the time this unnecessary. One of our professional technicians will be able to locate the exact issue and offer a far more cost effective solution. Here are a couple of examples of malfunctions that can disable a gate completely, while being relatively simple to resolve.

Remotes and Clickers

Gate Remote RepairAll electronic devices give up at some point, this can't be helped. The great thing about remotes and clickers is that they are relatively easy to replace if they cannot be repaired. If your remote is drained of battery or has faulty circuitry, your gate will seem utterly unresponsive. Some remote malfunctions can cause gates to open and close randomly or with a delay which can be equally distressing.

Manual Mode Settings

This can be a common user error that can lead to a lot of confusion and frustration if not identified right away. If your gate is completely unresponsive, it may be set in manual mode. A family member, the last person to work on your gate or you yourself could have set the gate to manual mode and forgot to change it back. If this is the issue for you, a gate repair will not be necessary but you may still be interested in having an expert advice on the ways in which you can avoid the error happening repeatedly in future.

Sensor Alignment

If you’re gate has sensors that are not aligned correctly, this can cause them to not open at all. The sensors are for safety and are designed to prevent the gate from closing with any objects in its path. So if they are disturbed, the gate will not budge. Sensors are relatively easy to replace if faulty, or can be adjusted so that they are perfectly aligned.

Professional Gate Repair

If you want an expert to check your driveway or garden gates, you can call Garage Door Repair Camas for proficient gate repair services. We offer professional maintenance, installation, replacement and a full range of repairs for all types of gate design. Have your gate brought back to perfect working order right away. 

Garage Door Repair Camas

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