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Why do I have to hold my finger on the button for the door to close?

This is a fairly common issue with garage doors. The most common cause is malfunctioning of the safety sensors. The professionals from our garage door repair company in Camas recommend that you inspect the sensors carefully. Watch out for misalignment, dirty photo eyes and loose wires. Clean the photo eyes and align the two sensors so that they face each other exactly. Ensure that the sensors get enough power.

Do I need a lock when I have a garage door opener?

Installing a lock is not recommended in this situation. Firstly, the modern openers come with wall keypads and remotes which use a code for operating and this provides for sufficiently high level of security. While a lock may make the garage somewhat safer, it can cause trouble too. If it is locked and you try to use the opener, it will cause tension and possibly damage to the opener and to the metal parts.

What should I use to lubricate my garage door?

While others use even cooking oil to lubricate their garage doors and other equipment, our specialists advise that high-quality lubricants should be used. Household and industrial lubricants are available in the store and investing in a can or tube can be helpful in the long run.

Why is regular maintenance required for garage doors?

Garage doors are often used as the main entryway in most households. That’s why they must be given regular attention. Inspection and simple maintenance routines can help avoid minor troubles from causing a total malfunction. You can sense the problem even before it starts.

I want to have a fiberglass garage door. What are the benefits?

If your home is located in a coastal area, a fiberglass door is suitable if it is salt water corrosion-proof. It is also as durable, if not more durable, as wood and steel doors. It also offers a new look to a house, aside from the conventional wood and steel that we always see.

Garage Door Repair Camas

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